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Teacher Accreditation

About Teacher Accreditation

Teachers are able to become a fully REC accredited teacher or tutor by completing a world class training programme comprised together with RUDN University, Moscow, one of the leading higher education institutions in Russia. This is only university in the world that unites students from over 150 countries every year.

Through this certification, teachers will increase their professionalism, and in turn their employability. They will also be able to provide a unique REC reference to educational institutions.

The teacher accreditation programme is run in partnership with RUDN University, Moscow and has been specifically and meticulously designed for the REC programme.

The programme is made up of 10 modules in total. Teachers can opt to only take several modules to reach certain levels of accreditation.


The level of accreditation will be identified on the final certificate.

Teacher Accreditation Benefits

Teacher Accreditation Benefits 

  • Increase your employability 

  • Become accredited by a world renowned education establishment 

  • Use the REC grade on your personal C.V. and more 

  • Be the first in line for new job opportunities

  • Meet other REC accredited teachers 

  • Receive priority registration to events, conferences, training days and access to teaching materials 

In the Classroom

To find out more about each module please click below

Teacher Accreditation Modules
For more information and to enrol:
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