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About Us

Znaniye Foundation

Znaniye Foundation was established in 2003 to deliver services and projects to families with  Eastern European background and served refugees, asylum seekers and people from low-income backgrounds. Now, we work with a much vaster community of children/youth who are seeking extra support or involvement in their boroughs. All our work has always been to benefit the wider community and advocate integration, bringing the community together primarily focusing on social inclusion and integration of children/youth.

What We Do

Znaniye Foundation delivers services, a wide range of projects and educational programmes to children, youth and families in the various boroughs of London.


We recognise the importance of supporting these children and young people to reach their potential, to encourage their self-expression, and to build social interaction and community integration in safe, friendly and stimulating environments.

Our Aims

One of our principal aims is to assist children and young people from BAME families, living in income and socially deprived areas of London to break the language, income, and social deprivation barriers, foster a sense of inclusion and develop the necessary self-confidence to grow into responsible adults in a diverse society. We offer a range of social services, as well as educational and recreational activities, including social performances, and hands-on training, through which we promote community cohesion, inculcate life skills and self-confidence into children and young people, as well as providing social and employment information and parenting support and training to adults.

Where We Are Based

Znaniye Foundation delivers services in the various boroughs of London. Our main office is based in Ealing, but we work in the borough of Ealing, Newham and Kensington & Chelsea on a weekly basis. 
We are proud to work with a much vaster community of children and youth who are seeking extra support or involvement in their boroughs.


We are very proud to offer safe, friendly and stimulating atmospheres, where children, young people, and adults can engage in various projects and expanded their possibilities. All our work has always been with the intention of benefiting the wider community and advocating integration to bring together as many people in the community as possible.

Our Impact

Over the past 2 years Znaniye Foundation has benefitted and supported over 3000 children weekly across London in Supplementary Education, both from an academic standpoint, but also from a cultural, artistic, and personal growth standpoint. To be more specific the charity has helped children from the age of 3 -18, children from low-income backgrounds, all gender groups, minority ethnic groups, special needs children who would like to be involved in supplementary education, and any other groups who wish to join in with our activities. We focus heavily on social inclusion and social integration of children and youth in particular, and we also play a significant role in supporting teachers and volunteers by providing them with training and opportunities to work.


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An important aspect of the way we support and help to educate children and youth is through projects that we curate and acquire. See below the list of just some of our projects so far, you can read more about each of them through our projects page!

  • Cultural and Heritage Projects

  • Maths, English and Science Sessions

  • Exam consultations 

  • SEN Support for children in supplementary education 

  • Support and training for low paid workers 

  • Confidence and Wellbeing programme 

  • Free Online Summer School Programme

  • Free Fun and Creative Online Sessions

  • Community Catch-Up Scheme

  • Black History Month

  • Free Easter Day Club (HAF)

  • Virtual Mental Health Conference

  • Springboard Into Education / Early Years Hub

  • Ealing + Chelsea Free Summer Camps (HAF)

  • Learning Through Play

  • Ealing Mentoring Scheme

Our Members

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There are local people involved in all areas of the running of our organisation. Every member has an active role in their community and also volunteers or supports other young people in other work they conduct. Our staff are active members of various boroughs and have all have a keen interest in education, social inclusion and general children's wellbeing. We include volunteers in our projects at any opportunity we can, and rely on partnerships with local organisations and businesses in order to run individual projects, i.e. for renting space, food and provisions for our young people and families and donations of educational materials.

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Want to Support Us?

Please, if you believe in the work that we are doing here and would like to support us, we are always looking and could benefit from donations. As we do focus on the educational and support sector for youth, material donations of educational materials are welcome, may they be textbooks, stationary, workbooks, past exam papers etc...


Other forms of donations, such as financial contributions, are also welcome. They assist greatly in providing educational and digital materials to student's that cannot access these outside of school settings. Financial donations will also help us with running projects and providing Free School Meals to children in need, especially during these difficult set backs of the Covid-19 Pandemic. These donations can be made directly to the Znaniye Foundation Charity Bank Account, or through our GoFund me page. See the details for both, below:.





SORT CODE: 23-05-80 


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