Welcome to our Early Years Hub, a safe and welcoming space for Children and their Parents and Carers.  The underlying principle of the Hub is to build confidence, emotional strength and emotional well-being and all sessions will have these elements at their core, whilst at the same time recognising that all children are individuals who develop at different rates.   The sessions will be run by Early Years Educators who will also invite specialists into the Training sessions - such as Mental Health Professionals, Fitness and Nutrition experts, Speech and Language and others.  We will be able to also sign-post Parents and Carers to other services such as SLT and OT if necessary.  The Discussion Groups will cover such topics as English as a Second/Additional Language, Fussy Eating, Building Confidence Through Play and many more and will take the lead from Parents/Carers if there are particular sessions that are requested!.  The Maths and English sessions will be based not only around the Early Years Curriculum but will also focus on how these two subjects can be applied at home in a fun, friendly and tangible way - all the time building the childrens' confidence and self-worth   The Hub will be geared towards families of children who have not yet accessed formal education - such as those due to enter Nursery or Reception in September.  

Springboard into Education: Starting March 2021

Lessons, Support, Guidance and Training for early years children, parents and carers to help with the first steps into academic life.

We know that the Covid-19 Pandemic has had such a negative impact on families, and our Springboard Into Education Scheme is committed to providing support for those families who have missed out on day to day social and educational interaction and input so that the children will feel more supported and confident when entering a classroom environment in September 2021.  This in turn will allow them to access more fully all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Our Weekly Lessons


We will be providing Early Years Lessons for both Maths and English for children who have not yet accessed formal education - i.e. children who will be entering Nursery/Reception in September 2021.  The lessons will be led by an established Early Years Practitioner and SEND Co-Ordinator.


Our Discussion Groups


The Discussion Groups will be a safe and welcoming environment to not only exchange ideas but offer advice on various topics such as English as a Second/Additional Language, Fussy Eating. Health and Nutrition, How Early Years Language Develops, Understanding Anxiety in Young Children and more - and we welcome input from Parents/Carers with regard to what other topics they may wish to be covered.


Our Training and Guest Speaker Groups

Our Guest Speakers will be drawn from all sectors and will include Mental Health Specialists, Play Specialists, Early Years Teachers and we also look forward to providing fun Singing and Fitness sessions for the children

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