Black History Month!

October is here, which means, Black History Month is here!

What is Black History Month?


Black History Month is a yearly observance and celebration, which commemorates and gives recognition to the history, achievements and contributions of people of African, Caribbean and Jamaican backgrounds. Black History Month, that originated from the US in the early 20th Century, takes place in the UK every October. Carter Godwin Woodson, a historian and co-founder of the “Association for the Study of Negro Life and History” is credited with giving rise to this important month. 


Woodson believed that education about black history was vital in the study of race within society, stating:


"If a race has no history, it has no worthwhile tradition, it becomes a negligible factor in the thought of the world, and it stands in danger of being exterminated."

Black History Month is crucial to the education of children, by providing an educated understanding of the history of, not only slavery, civil rights and the injustices of today, but the rich history and culture that is not consistently represented. More importantly, this celebration of Black History and Culture should be integrated full time into the National Curriculum, and every year this dedicated month creates awareness and helps work towards this. 

What are we doing for

Black History Month 2020?


Because the inclusion of Black History and Culture is, and should be, of such importance in todays society, we are integrating different lessons and discussions into our session events. These sessions will be free of charge and open to student's of all ages!

We are aiming for these sessions to assist students in learning, to be able to create a deeper and richer knowledge of the history and culture of Black communities.


We hope that by providing more personable and specific sessions, on a range of topics, will alongside the national curriculum that schools provide, help to give students a broader education and perception of Black communities, their history and culture. In-turn we hope that these sessions can contribute to strengthening awareness and inclusivity of our community; to help start a much needed conversation on the importance of change to create a more diverse, equal and united community

Online Sessions


Our Black History Month Sessions will consist of lectures and talks on various aspects of culture and history. They will provide an important understanding, and a richer, more specific knowledge of culture, that is often overlooked and under-represented.


Sessions are on our events page, ready to sign up to! Sessions are added in advance, for as broad of ages as possible. Once registered for the Black History Month event on our events webpage, you can then sign up for sessions and receive updates and info on new sessions that are added! 


We will have sessions such as:



Black Photographers of Today
Black People in the Fashion Industry
History of Music Genre's
Unrepresented & Forgotten 
History of Notting Hill Carnival
History of Generation WindRush
Literature of Black Authors & Writers
A Story of Art in Africa
in the
Criminal Justice System
Contemporary Black Photographers
History of Slavery and Civil Rights
The British Empire in Africa
Sport, Racial Injustice and Activism
Abstract Colors 4

Creative Competition!

We also have an exciting competition happening in partnership with Young Ealing Foundation! Following the enthusiasm and creativity of students for the Poster Competition during the 'Free Online Summer School Project', we decided to do another competition. We, however, felt that the students' creative outlet needed more freedom to flourish; and what better time than Black History Month. We have tried to give the students a vast range of options for their piece of creative work, so their expression and artistic skills can thrive, whilst having fun and enjoying creating a piece of work of their choice! Suggestions/Options below:


- Short Story

- Poem

- Creative Writing

- Personal Essay 

- Short Script/Play 

- Painting

- Drawing 

- Collage

- A Song

- Spoken Word

- A Dance

- Or any other creative piece of work, outlet or activity that you would like to do as a tribute in celebration of BHM.

The deadline for submission is 28th October at 12pm.

AND there is £500 of vouchers to be won!

If you would like to sign your child up, to participate in the Black History Month Creative Competition, please click the button below!

In-Person Workshops


We know how important it is for children to have a social in-person outlet for their creativity, and with Covid-19, there have not been many chances for this outside of school time. Now Covid-19 restrictions have softened, we are able, with these socially distanced restrictions and safety precautions, we are able to provide 2 workshop's this month for the children of the Ealing community.


Both of these FREE, Black History Month, in-person workshop's will be run by us at Znaniye Foundation. Both workshops will be split into 2 age groups; 5 -7 years and 8-12 years; lasting 2 hours for each age group. These workshops will be bringing creative, fun and educational activities related to Notting Hill Carnival. We will also have Black History Month Wise Education Workshop Resource packs, covering topics such as civil rights, slavery and activism brought by Youth Charter who have partnered with us for this project! We also welcome children to create/begin creating their piece of work for the Creative Competition! 

Due to the Covid-19 safety restrictions, SPACES ARE LIMITED!

So please sign up as soon as possible... in fact, sign up right now, below!

End of Month 

Online Celebration!


The importance of Black History Month is crucial to all students, and their education of the world today, and the history that brought us here. To commemorate the importance and all that's been celebrated during Black History Month, we are hosting an online end of month event with the Young Ealing Foundation, who have helped to fund our Black History Month programmes, on Thursday 29th October at 7pm.


We encourage anyone and everyone to sign up for this online event, which will be held on zoom. Once registered for the event, you will receive the zoom link the morning of the 29th. We will promptly start the event at 7pm and will last for around 1hour - 1 hour and 30 minutes.


During the event we will be able to give thanks to the volunteers and partners who have helped teach and create these important sessions, we will also have performances from students and people. The Black History Month Creative Competition winners will be announced during this event, and we will also showcase their pieces of work. There will also be a few guest speakers with names to be announced. We are also offering any student's who submitted their work to the Creative Competition, to show their work, creative writing, art, song, dance, or other choices of creative work - during the event. 

We hope to see you there, so please sign up via the button below!

 If you would like to show your art, speak about Black History Month or perform at the event, please email us at with this request.

Volunteer/Get Involved


We are always looking for more volunteers and people to get involved and help out for their community! If you would like to partner, teach sessions, do outreach work or help with any events, please feel free to contact us.


Contacts to inquire about getting involved:


Znaniye Foundation Info Email:

Logistics Coordinator:

If you would like to register your child for Black History Month, please click the link below. You can then sign up for session events.

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