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Funded by Ealing Safer Neighbourhoods Board

Those partaking in the project will be able to rotate and try different sports and arts, allowing them to not only meet new people but also try new things. Keeping children engaged with motivational mentors/teachers and also being supported in person will further support youth engagement.

Each week activities on offer change, from our Arts and Crafts activities, so far we have covered Watercolour Studies, Weaving, Jewellery Making, Pastel Art and more, and our Sports sessions offer Basketball Training with professionals, Football Games and free play.

This programme offers youth in Ealing an opportunity to access Free Weekly Arts and Sports sessions. We welcome children aged 8-14, which is prime developmental age for young people, where they begin to solidify their interests and personalities. We focus on keeping youth safe while out of school and keeping members of our community engaged and united through shared interests. Our projects are interjected with important discussions in safe, open spaces for young people to learn and discuss issues within our community, and collaborate on the best ways to address them as a united front. For example, what they feel is the most pressing issues regarding their safety as children and young people and more.


We have chosen to use arts and sports, as these particular activities are collaborative and historically bring people together, and when run with a more structured approach, will be able to build social benefits.


Arts and Sports are safe, but expressive hobbies and interests, and target both mental and physical wellbeing. We will use particular activities that foster teamwork, self-expression and assertiveness in a structured, yet nourishing approach - that builds understanding and a confident community identity which benefits all within it.

The Project
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The Aims

Our aim is to keep children and youth safe and help them find hobbies that are expressive and enjoyable - We will do this by launching activities locally that establish and promote social inclusion and community identity. The activities will integrate themes and discussions that will support youth in our local borough and will work towards community safety for all. We hope that we will be able to provide the young people of our borough, with progressive and positive opportunities through the skills, support and self-expression that our arts and sports activities provide; that are needed to safely develop in a community, and in life.

When and Where

Our sessions take place in the heart of Ealing Broadway, each Saturday for 3 hours. The students have access to full classrooms and studios, as well as playgrounds and pitches. Student must sign up each week on our events page