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Events and Operations Manager 

Evie Hill 


Fundraising and Projects Coordinator

Patima Shareefy


Logistics Coordinator 

Serena Butler

Sponsorship Coordinator 

Sacha Page

Well-being and Mental Health Support/ Lead 

Alexis Watkins

Join The Team

We are always looking for new members to come and join us in running sessions and projects! Below are some of the roles currently available. If you are interested in any, please email or call us on 07415939494.

Academic subject Teachers 

Are you a teacher? or are you super passionate about a subject? We are looking for volunteers to teach online with us! Paid at £10 p/h  

Social Media Intern / Volunteer 

We are hoping to expand our online presence. Can you help us with this? 

Team members for any current projects

Creative and Fun sessions Teachers

Looking for individuals to run fun and creative sessions online with us! Let us know if you are keen to join the team. Paid at £10 p/h 

Outreach work

We want to get in touch with more schools, playgroups, after-school clubs, food banks and more so that we can support as many people are possible. We are looking for someone to help with outreach work!
You can see which projects we are currently running. If you want to come on board and get involved in the logistics, marketing, operations or more, let us know!

Teaching/Project Opportunities

Znaniye Foundation is continuing to provide support to families across London. Delivering services, a wide range of projects and educational programmes to children, youth and families in the various boroughs of London. Recognising the importance of supporting these children and young people to reach their potential, to encourage their self-expression, and to build social interaction and community integration in safe, friendly and stimulating environments is crucial.


If our ethos resonates with you, and you would like to volunteer and get involved in running sessions that help to achieve our goals, please take look below at what roles we have available for our projects and get in touch with one of our team members!


Hours: Flexible 


- An A level in the subject you are providing. 

- We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about making a change in the community 

Pay: Voluntary / £10 - £ 17 p/h

Confidence and Well-Being

The project aims to help people to improve their confidence and wellbeing as well as reduce social isolation within the community. 

We want to aid people in self-progression and mental well-being. This is a safe fun place for young people to become involved in activities that welcome everyone and are not readily available to all levels of society. We are excited to promote diversity and inclusiveness through this program and welcome people from all backgrounds to join in new experiences.


(All online) Looking for: 

- Volunteers to run Drama, Dance, Music, and Sports activities

- Volunteers to run Public Speaking workshops 

-  Skilled professionals with lived experiences in the arts sector (drama, art, music) to run online workshops which focus on confidence-building and wellbeing support. Following the workshops, we will create an online gallery of the finished work.

- Volunteers to run sessions that focus on self-motivation and more

Community Catch Up Scheme

We are greatly concerned about the damage being caused to pupils' school attainment and wellbeing. To address this in our community we are running a project to provide accessible, high level and enjoyable education and support through and a wide range of subjects to students from the ages of 3 - 18. This will supplement some education lost due to the Covid-19 Lockdown with Core Subjects, Creative Topics and wellbeing programmes to support the students who are facing the hardest impact. All sessions will be FREE. Our project will give disadvantaged children in our community the opportunity to catch up with education that has been lost during the pandemic. The main aim of the programme is to prevent the attainment gap from widening any further, whilst simultaneously addressing the damage being caused to children's wellbeing. We will be largely supporting BAME communities and pupils who are more likely to be drawn from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and other marginalised communities to ensure they have access to resources such as materials and can progress fairly alongside their peers.


(All online) Looking for: 

- Teachers / Tutors / passionate individuals to teach any subjects of their choice

Maths Science English

We are offering free and affordable Maths, Science and English to all age groups. The sessions are on offer to all families living in the Ealing Borough. These sessions aim to inspire and support children and provide families with access to supplementary education in core topics that they require. 


(All Online) We are looking for:

- English teachers/tutors 

- Maths teachers/tutors

- Science teachers /tutors

Early Years: Springboard Into Education

This project will provide core lessons to early years children that will prepare them for their first steps into compulsory education, by improving access to lessons and developmental opportunities for early years students in various communities. By covering Maths and English and exploring developmental opportunities and techniques, we will prepare them for the next stages in their academic life whilst also looking into emotional wellbeing - the goal is to take time to enable the students to themselves learn how to learn effectively, by introducing them to learning environments and formats that they may not be used to, to enable them to better adjust when the time comes to enter educational settings.

Alongside lessons, parents/carers will be provided with training to support their children's development before starting school. Parents/carers are central in the EYFS for children, and our specialists will discuss implementing effective learning for children at home and will support parents in accessing resources and opportunities. Specialists will also explore how to develop learning through fun and play, enabling the children to grow in confidence and therefore access the curriculum within schools more fully. With increased development in understanding mental health and wellbeing, alongside educational development, there will be a focus on emotional security. The specialists will also look into the wellbeing of the child and how parents can recognise feelings and respond appropriately to encourage positivity.


(All Online) We are looking for:

- Early Years specialists 

- Speech development specialists 

- SEND specialists 

- Early years activity providers