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Ealing Summer Holiday Club


We are back this summer and bringing it bigger and better! This summer we are returning and hoping to surpass the achievements of last year's Free Ealing Summer School with our, Free Ealing Summer Holiday Camp! What makes it bigger and better you might ask, well due to the lifting of lockdown restrictions we are now able to provide the camp in person! 

2020 Free Ealing Summer School 

Summer School

It all began during July of 2020; we launched our Free Ealing Summer School for the children of our community, struggling with the educational setbacks caused by the covid-19 lockdown. Over the 6 weeks, we had an incredible turnout - from both teachers and students. All teachers and volunteers worked entirely for free to plan and run their sessions, from full-time school teachers, early years teachers, Special Needs educators, charity workers, and professionals; And students logging on each day to catch up on school subjects, learn brand new topics and expanding their interest.


The project came to an end after a poster competition, where the winners were announced during the end-of-project zoom event. The end of the project event saw students, families, council members, organisation representatives, and a special appearance from our Ealing MP, James Murray.

Figures revealed that we had over 38 teachers, running over 140 sessions online that saw 2085 lesson sign-ups. Not only that, but over 100 books were donated; over 200 posters were put up and numerous donations, the majority of which were received from members of the Ealing community. If you would like to read more about the 2020 Summer School Project, click here! 

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Through the success of the summer school, we were able to continue our work running various projects (Fun and Creative Sessions, Black History Month, Community Catch Up Scheme, Confidence and Wellbeing, Half Term Buzz, Early Years Club/Springboard into Education, YEF Maths, English and Science, and more! - visit our projects page to check them all out!) for our already established and new students. Which, statistics compiled, showed overall that we had a celebrated 345 sessions that gained a sizeable 2,132 session sign-ups.

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2021 HAF Ealing Easter Holiday Club

Easter Holiday In Person Activities Prog
Easter Holiay Club

Come Easter 2021, we were delighted to be chosen by Ealing Council to carry out one of the HAF (Holiday, Activities and Food) Programmes for FSM students in our community. The HAF programme, run by the government since 2018, aims to provide children with enriching activities and healthy food services, who receive the Free School Meals programme during their school time.

Our Ealing Easter Day Club ran for 4 consecutive days, for 4 hours a day at the St. Barnabus Church in Pitshanger. We saw over 30 kids join us every day for activities such as gardening, games, exercises/outdoor activities, dances, arts and crafts, core learning, healthy food activities, a sports day and even a circus performance provided by the ‘flying eagle project’. When the club came to an end, on the 15th of April, it was tough to see the children go; their progress, self-expression and friendships within the groups was so rewarding to witness and to help encourage. If you would like to read more about the Easter Holiday Club, click here! 

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2021 Ealing Summer Holiday Club

2021 Summer Holiday Club

Due to the incredible turnout of the 2020 Free Ealing Summer School, the success of our other projects that followed and more indispensably, the Ealing HAF Easter Holiday Camp, we made the inexorable decision to start planning our next Summer School - The Znaniye Foundation 2021 Ealing Summer Holiday Camp, and we delighted to have been confirmed by Ealing Council to run 4 full weeks of the HAF programme this time.

 The ramifications from the Covid-19 pandemic on childrens’ education and well-being have only just begun and will continue to echo for some time to come. Summer provisions like this are pivotal right now, and ensuring the merging of core subjects, creative outlets and physical activities will help to counteract the effects.


The camp ran for 4 weeks over the 2021 summer holidays free for children on benefits related Free School Meals. This time, the camp ran at two locations, Christ the Saviour Primary School, and St Barnabas Church, two local spaces. The camp incorporated fun and creative activities with easy learning of core subjects,

all centred around the theme of living happy and healthy lives.


Each day students aged 4-11 were able to join in with 3 different activities, outdoor games and play, group sessions as well as receive a full free hot meal and snacks each day.


Our volunteer's team was comprised of those from Easter 2021 and Summer 2020, as well as young local teenagers using their summers to volunteer.


Take a look below at some of the photos from our camp - 


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Local Contacts:

Here you can find links to other local organisations, contacts and more - who will be able to support you and your family now, and in the future:

Family Information Service

Ealing FoodBank

Ealing Job Centre

The Samaritans

CAMHS (Mental Health Support)


Pests (Parent Support for SEN)

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