The long endured closure of schools, courtesy of COVID-19, has had a detrimental effect on pupils' education. Discussions with local parents, teachers, and community members regarding the growing concern with the damage being caused, prompted us to launch a new project with the intention to intercept some loss of education due to the pandemic. As this is such an important issue that needs to be addressed, we needed to have access to as many resources and as much man power as possible - For this, we started to look and apply for the right grant needed, and the right one we found indeed. The Community Catch Up Scheme, is kindly being made possible by funding from the National Lottery Community Fund, and will give us the much needed and greatly appreciated help to tackle and supplement some education lost due to the Covid-19 Lockdown.


After this checkpoint, granted by National Lottery we began to put the project into action. Contacting volunteers to teach all curriculum and core subjects, specifying and creating sessions catered to different age groups, and also planning these in conjunction with school times; to say the least has and continues to be demanding, but the rewards for the students are immediately visible. The incredible work from volunteers and teachers got this project off to a promising start.


Up until nearly 3 weeks ago, schools in the UK were shut for over 5 months due to the pandemic, if you do the math, it’s nearly half of their school year (190 days) lost. This will create an immense gap in education. With not only learning time halted but alongside exam grades and results being calculated in place of formal exams, there will be a continued effect of children's learning


Right now, what children need is support and aid in their academic education. Even though this loss effects all students, there is a percentage of student’s who will not have access to resources  and additional education to help reverse this effect of the pandemic. This was especially important to us, as we truly believe in supporting our community as a whole and making sure every child, whatever their situation, have their chance, their right to an education and a chance to progress with their peers. To support the students who are facing the hardest impact, all sessions will be FREE, age ranging 3-18, and take place daily after school hours and online until we have access to safe spaces.


Right now, what children need is support and aid in their academic education. There are not enough materials which are easily accessible and available, which leaves a lot uncertainty and anxiety surrounding their future, so not only will their grades suffer, their mental wellness will too. This is equally as important, if not more important of an issue at hand.


The project, which went live on the 14th of September, has already seen a warm

welcome. With subjects of English, Maths, Science, History and Business thus

far, for all various age groups, receiving friendly and thankful audiences. We know that the project is incredibly needed more than ever due to the recurring students and high attainment levels. After registering, you will see sessions are uploaded in advance - everyday new sessions become available for the following week, you can sign up to the sessions you would like/your child to attend, on our events page, and then on the day of the session, the link to the class will be emailed to the registered email address.


With the effects of the pandemic due to have long term consequences, we have made sure that the Community Catch Up Scheme will run for a substantial amount of time, in order to have the most beneficial effect on the education attainment of students. This will mean that we will constantly be in need of volunteers and help from people within our community - if this is something you are interested in, please click here to find out how you can get involved!


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