See below some of the wonderful feedbck we have received from some of our projects!

"At first my daughter was reluctant to do any lessons since this meant extra on top of work given by her school and generally like any child she would rather be playing than doing curriculum subjects. However each time she did a session I booked for her she really enjoyed it. She thought the teachers were very nice and the topics were interesting. Also during this difficult time it gave her good feeling to be interacting in some form with schooling even if it is virtual. So thank you for your efforts, much appreciated and very helpful " -  Aisha Belman

"Math and English lessons are

very effective for my kids" - Issei Kukihara

Community Catch Up.png
Community Catch Up.png

"It has been amazing videos we have received the quality of the teaching was awesome, Manit has enjoyed and learned a lot. I really appreciate you all and your hard work "- Manit Patel

"This is the great opportunity to continue

with her education for my daughter" - Vavara Morton

"Thank you very much for the dedicated work and opportunity for children to study in this difficult time. I hope you will continue and children will be able to enjoy your clasess for longer period. Thank you so much!!!" Gabriela Andrejeva

"My daughter enjoys online summer school. She is very happy with each lesson and looks forward next one" - Adilya Magomedova