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The Project

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We are delighted to have received funding from the Ealing Safer Neighbourhoods Board for our first programme of 2022 - 'Self Expression and Youth Engagement through the Arts and Sports'!

The project will offer Ealing Students aged 11-14 a variety of sessions, in particular basketball sessions, football sessions and music sessions (with studio time), dance sessions and art sessions - all entirely for free. We will apply the ethics of sporting and artistic excellence to use these avenues to tackle anti-social behaviour, isolation, and more pressing issues in our community.

The sessions will take place weekly and run back-to-back so that children have the opportunity to attend various activities if they wish. The theme throughout the sessions will focus on better understanding how to live in safer neighbourhoods, and how we as community members are able to contribute to that through our actions. Children will also have the opportunity to engage with inspirational mentors who will support them with their ideas and work with them to find further opportunities for development.

The Benefits

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Our project will target young people in secondary school, particularly those who have just entered high school.

This is a prime developmental age for young people, where they begin to solidify their interests and personalities, and is a crucial time for intervention if required. We will focus on keeping youth safe and keeping members of our community engaged and united through shared interests.


Our projects will be interjected with important discussions in safe, open spaces for young people to learn and discuss issues within our community, and collaborate on the best ways to address them as a united front.


We have chosen to use arts and sports, as these particular activities are collaborative and historically bring people together, and when run with a more structured approach, will be able to build social benefits. Arts and Sports are safe, but expressive hobbies and interests, and target both mental and physical wellbeing.


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Sessions will be held in the centre of Ealing Broadway, on Saturdays starting from the 5th February 2022, running from 10.30 am - 1.30 pm. Students registration must attend school, or live in the Borough of Ealing, and be between the ages of 11-14 (School Years 7-9).

Students will have the opportunity to choose from various activities that are on offer each week.





Music (inc studio time!)

Arts and Crafts


and more....

Registration is now open, to sign up, please click below and fill out our form.  Updates will be sent to you in the lead up to the first week.

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Join our Team

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As with all of our projects, we are looking for members of our community, or local volunteers to come on board and join our existing team to help run this programme.

We will use particular activities that foster teamwork, self-expression and assertiveness in a structured, yet nourishing approach - that builds understanding and a confident community identity which benefits all within it. Those partaking in the project will be able to run their own sessions (ie sports/arts professionals) or rotate and try different sports and arts, allowing them to not only meet new people but also try new things themselves. Keeping children engaged with motivational mentors/teachers and also being a supported person will further support youth engagement.

We want those to come on board to be able to use their own personal experiences to help future generations and to bring to the table their own talents. All volunteers will be passionate about working with youth, particularly with the goal to have a positive impact in the community. (Any volunteer would be thoroughly vetted and trained in advance).

Whether you are a passionate football player in your spare time or an artist at home, perhaps you play basketball with your friends on the weekend? Or are even a professional coach, a singer or dance teacher - any passion for the Arts or Sports, we would love to hear from you!

If you think that you could help us out, and could come on board for a few sessions, please do get in touch with us.



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Keep an eye out here for regular updates, images, and videos from our programme once it begins.

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