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About the Project

About the Project

Boss Girl Flair, founded By Nichole Ama and Aaliyah Campbell, stemmed from both ladies growing up with no relatable examples of young women they can aspire to whilst growing up. Nichole had noticed her younger sisters and their peers spent a lot of time engaging and being influence by a false reality on social media that encouraged inappropriate behaviours and a mind-set for girls of their age. Though there are apps and gadgets that can control phone and internet usage, Nichole believed girls needed a change in their mind-set for them to understand the importance of their own wellbeing.

Introduced by a mutual friend, Nichole and Aaliyah instantly connected with their passion to help others. Both ladies wanted to challenge younger girls to work hard to reach their personal goals. Combining their experiences and knowledge they decided to set up a girl group involving teenage girls of a similar background. After researching other female empowerment groups, which were either ran by older women or for older women, they realised there was not enough for teenage girls. With women empowerment brunches and networking get-togethers becoming so popular it was disappointing not to see such events being put on for those who would benefit from them to most… our future Queens! So we aim to fill in this gap offering a young, trendy vibe whilst delivering life changing messages. 

Boss Girl Flair has become a project supported by the Znaniye Foundation. We work to support these inspirational leaders of black heritage to continue to inspire young girls to work hard on being a Boss version of themselves! We believe this is an incredibly important and impactful project that provides opportunities to parts of society that continue to be disproportionately represented. 

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Typically, when asking the teenage girls we work with what they do on the weekend, majority of their responses are “nothing”. When asking what they have done in the week to better themselves other than attending school, again the responses were “nothing”. When asking why they do not attend extra-curricular activities after school such as homework club, they responded “because my friends don’t”. Though they know that such clubs will be beneficial for them they seem to have a negative response to the suggestion of attending.

Instead, they choose to log onto social media and watch other people have fun or be successful. We want to change that narrative, we want to create a culture where bettering yourself is trendy! You can be that person who is a business entrepreneur, you can be that person with all the latest trend but that comes only when you work on yourself first.

Our aim is to inspire girls to have the ambition to start working on themselves thus shaping a generation of women who have proudly taken steps to become a success which is what it means to become a Boss Girl!




2020 has proven to be an unsettling time, from being away from friends to school closures. Such disruptive events can lead to a path derailing us from our goals to success. And so the phenomena of the Lockdown inspired Boss Girl Flair to create a way of connecting inspirational women of similar backgrounds to encourage and motivate teenage girls through mentoring.

Our mentorship programme is designed to focus on personal development that prepares teenage girls aged  12 to 17 to meet challenges of adolescence and young adulthood. This is through a coordinated, progressive series of high quality activities and learning experiences that help them to achieve social, emotional, spiritual and physical well being.


The Team

The Team

Message to Boss Girls:

Don’t count the days - make the days count!


I am a Trainee Accountant and half-way through studying towards an ACA qualification. If I am not at work, studying or working on BGF - I am sleeping, though growing up I was never this hard-working! I did not take school seriously and just about scrapped my GCSEs. My turning point was having met people who believed in me and saw potential I never knew I had. With their support I blazed through uni whilst working three jobs and managed to achieve a first class accounting degree. I hope to influence girls the same way my cheerleaders did for me!


Message to Boss Girls:

Remember what you can see and feel in your heart you can achieve. 


I am a qualified family and behavioural councillor. I have always been riddled with ideas and a great ambition but never had the type of support that was needed to get to the next level. Over the years I met so many great people who motivated and pushed me to get my Boss Girl Flair on. My goal for this chapter in my life is to give young girls an outpouring of support, structure, inspiration and most of all love and to show them that no matter where they are in life, right where they are is a great place to start again.

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