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May 2020 marked the 75th Anniversary of Victory Day, which commemorates the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945. 

At the start of the academic year, now 9 months ago, our Charity Board and Volunteers as well as children, parents, teachers and staff at Znaniye Russian School, began learning, teaching, preparing and anticipating the long awaited celebration. Our project groups and settings quickly became filled with excitement as many children rushed home to find out stories about how their grandparents and great grandparents were affected by the Second World War

. Pictures were found in archives and old photo albums were rediscovered as children became more intrigued by sacrifices that their family members had made. And so, as the school year unfolded, more and more stories were shared by the children which then quickly became incorporated into all the heritage, art, choir, music, video projects that we were running.


Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the staff at the Znaniye Foundation were working with various partners, friends, other charities and organisations to plan and prepare an entire week for our Veterans, including visits to our schools and projects, concerts, evenings at which the veterans would share their stories, the event of the laying of the wreaths for our fallen soldiers, and for the big finale - the V Day 2020 Gala Concert at the Kensington and Chelsea Great Hall.


The concert event plans grew each day as more performers joined the programme and more organisations began to get involved. There came a point where the capacity was becoming so stretched so a collective decision was made to finalise the programme which would welcome 250 performers and over 900 guests. The increased support of the Russian Embassy through Znaniye School then further empowered the staff at the office to continue to explore new exciting ideas which would leave a long lasting memory with all the guests, performers, organisers, and veterans who would join us on this very special day.


What was once just a vision soon became a reality as tickets became available to buy online and were quickly selling out. Everyone was looking forward to welcoming the veterans from both Russia, Europe and the UK for the week surrounding 9th of May for celebrations and surprises.


But then in 2020 talks began about a virus that was spreading, which soon became known as Covid-19 and would result in flight cancellations (meaning our veterans couldn't fly over), event spaces cancelling bookings (meaning our event would not take place), schools being shut (abruptly putting a stop to all lessons) and finally a lockdown which meant we would all stay at home. This was definitely not a situation anyone could have foreseen. Although, there was a wave of sadness, anxiety and uncertainty that spread across all those who had been involved in the organisation of the event we knew we couldn’t just give up… after all, we were celebrating the victory of all those who never gave up and never allowed any obstacle to overcome them! Our children and our staff also wanted to persevere, we wanted to do our bit to thank all the veterans who served for us. So the team all sat down (remotely) to re plan how we would execute the organisation of the Victory Day celebration 2020.


And so our projects continued and today we are very proud to share with everyone just how much our children and volunteers have managed to achieve (whilst sitting at home).

We hope that the veterans enjoy all we have to share...


Art Project

The children at Znaniye Russian School’s Art Studio have been creating art work in their lessons each week in preparation for VE-Day. Using what they have learnt in lessons they have created wonderful tributes for our veterans, and emblems of remembrance. This preparation began long before lockdown, and we are so pleased to be able to share this with you at this time.

Alongside this art project, children from across the world sent through their VE Day artwork which was planned to be used as the main decoration at the Gala Concert. As the Gala Concert was unable to go ahead some of the best works have been selected and shared online.

Video project with Maksatic Camp

Znaniye and Maksatic camp came together in running a video project. Maksatic camp visited Znaniye Russian School in early 2020 and spoke with children about the importance of the 75th anniversary and taught children how to best put together videos, as this competition was announced. Children aged 8-16 had the opportunity to send through their creative videos along with their wishes for the children of the veterans and those who fought in the Second World War. These were all compiled together and shared online during the VE day bank holiday. The children with the most creative videos are now being awarded with a trip to Maksatic Camp.


Children video wishes to veterans

Over 350 children from around the world sent in their video messages for Veterans.

Videos included songs, poems, recitals, messages and more, and some classes at Znaniye Russian School even made video compilations remotely. Znaniye Russian School in Germany sent through their incredible children and Bilik (Azerbaijani school) also wished all the best to the veterans.

Znaniye Foundation was incredibly moved to receive many responses from veterans in response to the videos and messages, including invitations to visit veterans post lockdown.


Although things did not go as originally planned, we have enjoyed every moment. The 9 months of preparation has been so insightful and brought a new appreciation to each person involved. Overall it was amazing to see the inclusion, diversity and happiness which was shared by all those who participated.


One thing is for sure: we will never forget the 75th anniversary of victory day.


We continue to hope that one soon we will be able to celebrate at the Kensington and Chelsea Grand Hall with the event we had planned and be able to welcome and honour all the Veterans with the wonderful performances which would have taken place on the 9th of May.


Thank you to each veteran and all those involved for all you have done.


We are and will forever be very grateful for the sacrifices you made to give us the life, our freedom and the world we have today. Thank you for everything you have done to give our children a life of opportunity.

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