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School Accreditation


The REC has partnered up with the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education to provide a unique accreditation scheme for Russian supplementary schools operating in the U.K.

REC Accreditation

Becoming accredited by the REC gives you access to a wide range of services outlined below. The school materials include textbooks and a coherent curriculum, specialised recruitment access and training, policy guidance and support.

Levels of Accreditation



NRCSE accredited

Bronze + Silver credentials plus

A developed curriculum

Top level teachers

Continued teacher and staff development

Regular compulsory training

Ofsted or equivalent body rating

Yearly testing for students

Yearly progress awards

 Cultural events and extra curricular activities

Prime location for the School



NRCSE accredited

Bronze credentials plus:

A planned and proven Curriculum

Full Russian Teaching Materials

Full Learning Materials

Fully Qualified Staff with prior experience

Ofsted rating

Parents supplied with student reports



Safeguarding Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Basic facilities for learning

Qualified Staff 

Full educational training


Russian Curriculum


Make an enquiry:

Please complete the enquiry form and send to


Become accredited by the NRCSE

Once we have received and approved your application we will support you in becoming accredited by the NRCSE


In order to become accredited by the NRCSE and receive the quality mark schools will  

need to complete the following: 

1. Complete a 3-day Good Management Course 

2. Produce a full management folder comprising of all the policies and procedures 

3. Prepare a portfolio of evidence of teaching, learning and governance 

4. Have a school visit to show that all the above is being implemented 

5. Attend a Quality Recognition Meeting 

The 3-day course for supplementary schools helps providers of out-of-school activities for children become further accredited.

The REC will be working with the NRCSE to organise the 3-day course which will bring together various Russian Schools. This will be an excellent opportunity for schools to come together, share experiences and learn how to improve the management of their schools. 

The 3-day course helps schools prepare a School Management Pack which consists of:

  • A welcome pack for parents

  • Staff and volunteer handbooks

  • Management committee guides

  • Safeguarding policies and procedures

The good management pack will help you meet your local authority’s Section 11 requirements

It is also your first step towards quality assurance and an NRCSE Quality Mark.

Schools will need to become accredited by the NRCSE and receive their Quality Mark in order to receive their full REC accreditation.

The REC will run NRCSE 3-day management courses a minimum of 3 times a year (at a discounted rate). The REC aims to support all Russian Schools who enroll in the Management Course. The REC will campaign on behalf of the NRCSE and apply for funding to reduce costs that Russian Schools may encounter. 


REC School Assessment and Accreditation

Following accreditation from the NRCSE, the REC specialists will then visit your school. The REC specialists in Russian Education will evaluate the schools performance and following inspection and evaluation, will grant the REC accreditation (Bronze, Silver or Gold)

If you are already registered and accredited by the NCRSE you will skip step 2

To find out more about the NRCSE please visit

If you are a school and would like to become accredited, please get in touch 
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