Students & Parents 

  1. Find out more about the Russian schools in the UK

  2. Priority access to events  such as conferences, seminars and tutorials

  3. List of Universities offering Russian in the U.K.

  4. Extra-curricular Russian clubs 

Teachers & Tutors

  1. Access to teaching materials, training days and conferences at discounted rates and priority tickets

  2. Access to new job listings by other Russian Schools

  3. Support with the C.V.

  1. Advertise your school

  2. Search for new teachers through our job listings

  3. Receive discounted advertising opportunities with newspapers and magazines

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  5. Invitation to end of year networking party 



  1. Find out more about the market

  2. Access to events 

We want to hear from our members 

 Tell us what you think needs changing in Russian education, and where there could be improvements.

We will then campaign on behalf of our members and search for funding to help run events, which are necessary or provide support in areas that are lacking funding.

If you have an idea or suggestion get in touch with us and we will discuss it with our partners.

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