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This long term project will provide core lessons to early years children that will prepare them for their first steps into compulsory education, by improving access to lessons and developmental opportunities for early years students in various communities. By covering Maths and English and exploring developmental opportunities and techniques, we will prepare them for the next stages in their academic life whilst also looking into emotional wellbeing - the goal is to take time to enable the students to themselves learn how to learn effectively, by introducing them to learning environments and formats that they may not be used to, to enable them to better adjust when the time comes to enter educational settings. Alongside lessons, parents/carers will be provided with training in order to support their children's development before starting school. Parents/carers are central in the EYFS for children, and our specialists will discuss implementing effective learning for children at home and will support parents in accessing resources and opportunities. Specialists will also explore how to develop learning through fun and play, enabling the children to grow in confidence and therefore access the curriculum's within schools more fully. With increased development in understanding mental health and wellbeing, alongside educational development, there will be a focus on emotional security. The specialists will also look into the wellbeing of the child and how parents can recognise feelings and respond appropriately to encourage positivity.